Fue Method

  • fue-method

A Scalpel is used

When seen from the outside it does not leave a scar.

After the Hair transplantation procedure is finished there are not stitches needed.

As performed under local anesthesia , pain sensation is minimal. The recovery period is short, people can return to their daily activities straight after surgery. In the days after the operation there is no loss of feeling in the area where the roots are founded. Dimensions of the micro- channels , is set according to the angle of exit from the previous hair loss roots. Natural and healthy results can be obtained . View, and compliance with pre- existing hair is natural.

With our new method TDF (Two Day Fue) all of the peers with bold patches on their head can regain their hair back in just 2 days of treatment. We take close to 7500 Graft and can add up to 13,000 new hair roots. For this treatment the back of your head has to have a variety of hair.

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Fue Method

A Scalpel is used When seen from the outside it does not leave a scar....

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